Which bars and restaurants have the best beer bargains?

Ever been to a bar to order a beer you’ve been super eager to try, only to find out it’s way more expensive than you anticipated? What do you do? Order a lesser beer? Walk out of the bar? Awkward. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the beer prices before you even arrived at the bar? What if you could compare prices between locations to find the best deal? Well, thanks to technology, you can do just that using apps like TapHunter and DigitalPour.

Chalk board tap list at the Brick Pub & Grill in Renton, Washington

If you’ve been to a few breweries, bars, bottle shops, and taprooms, you’ve probably seen the classic chalk board that lists the beers on tap along with other information such as alcohol by volume (ABV), Internaional Bittering Units (IBU), and price. Although I love the quaintness of the chalk board, it is quickly being superceded at many locations by digital menus presented on large flat screen TVs. One of the great benefits of the digital menus is that their content can be accessed remotely through the internet. Here are two of the most popular tap list apps:


Example of TapHunter tap list

TapHunter is probably my favorite tap list app, mainly because their are more bars in my area that use it. I like to use the map view to find nearby locations that use TapHunter and then follow them so that I get updates, such as when they tap a new beer. Some locations provide special offers through the app, for example, $2 off any flight of 4 beers. You can also tap Events to get a list of upcoming events, such as tastings, brewer’s nights, and release parties.

TapHunter lists the beer name, style, ABV, and IBU. Some locations also list the prices of their beers, which is super useful for finding bargains! I’ve seen prices listed for tasters, drafts, and growler fills. You can also tap on a particular beer to see which of the locations you follow are carrying it. This allows for price comparisons.

TapHunter is available through the App Store and Google Play. There are locations using TapHunter across the United States, and it is also starting be adopted in Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand (go All Blacks!), Poland, Singapore, Spain, and Switzerland.

Video: How to use TapHunter to find beer bargains!

Digital Pour

Example of DigitalPour tap list at The Brewmaster’s Taproom, a kid and dog friendly taproom located in Renton, Washington

DigitalPour is similar to TapHunter, but doesn’t appear to be used by as many locations, at least in my area. Beers are listed with beer style, brewery location, ABV, IBU, glass style, and the percentage of the keg remaining, which is a cool feature that TapHunter doesn’t currently have. When you tap on a beer it will show the amount of the keg remaining in fluid ounces (oz), as well as prices for drafts and growler fills.

DigitalPour is available through the App Store and Google Play. Like TapHunter, DigitalPour is used throughout the United States, and is gaining traction in Canada, Mexico, Asia, and Europe.

Video: How to use DigitalPour to find beer bargains!

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