bevRAGE Update

The bevRAGE app just got an overhaul. The basic functionality is similar to what I described in my post Get paid to drink beer!, though the look and feel has changed and a new payments screen has been added. What hasn’t changed (fortunately for drinkers like you and me) is the great cash back deals that the app provides.

If you’re not already using bevRAGE to get paid to drink beer, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. Use referral code XMVRYNYN when signing up.

Look and Feel


Bars & Restaurants and Stores are now accessed via a drop-down menu

The navigation has change slightly by moving the Bars & Restaurants and Stores buttons to a drop-down menu. The developers also changed the color scheme from a kinda lime green to an aqua blue. Not major changes.

Payments Screen

I really like the new payments screen. It shows your total payout, and a breakdown of both pending and completed transactions by date. If you tap on a date it will show you the type of deal, the amount you got paid, and a view receipt button, which shows the original photo you took of the receipt to redeem the offer. Very useful functionality. And check out my total payout… $47 woohoo!

Show me the money!









Video: bevRAGE update

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