Get deep discounts on awesome beer!

You’ve probably heard of Groupon, a large online marketplace through which businesses sell coupons (known as “Groupons”) that offer consumers discounts on products and services. Well, did you know that you can leverage Groupon, in conjunction with other apps, to get epic discounts on awesome beers? Follow the instructions below to learn how:

Sign Up – get an extra 25% off!

If you don’t already have a Groupon account, you can sign up here to get an extra 25% off your first Groupon.

Use ibotta – get up to an extra 40% off!

Groupon is one of the Mobile Shopping apps that ibotta provides a discount on – so use it! The discount is currently 8% for me, but I’ve previously redeemed a 40% discount! Check out my post Get paid to drink beer! Part 2 to learn how to use ibotta.

Search for Beer

Some of the results when I search “beer”, note I live in the Seattle area, your results may differ depending on your location

Simply type “beer” in the search to see deals near you. A lot of smaller taprooms and breweries tend to use Groupon, so it’s a great way to get an introduction to these places with a fantastic discount.


When you’ve found a deal you like, buy it! Be sure to enter any promo codes you may have, such as the 25% off promo code you would have received if you signed up via the links


Take you mobile device to the brewery / taproom / restaurant / bottle shop and tell your server that you would like to redeem your Groupon. Now it’s time to drink a best beer bargain!



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