Hot Deal: 60% off 22oz bombers

Albertsons supermarket in Renton, Washington currently has a shopping cart full of various 22oz bombers of craft beer labelled as 50% off regular price, including the following (BeerAdvocate ratings listed in parentheses if available):

  • Pyramid Thunderhead IPA 50% off $4.49 (78/100)albertsons-cart
  • Pelican Imperial Ale 50% off $4.99 (86/100)
  • Widmer Northwest-Style India Pale Ale 50% off $4.99
  • Scuttlebutt Amber Ale 50% off $5.49
  • Elysian Avatar Jasmine 50% off $5.79 (84/100)
  • Iron Horse High Five Hefe 50% off $5.99 (77/100)
  • Hop Valley Macho Libre IPA 50% off $5.99

As I was looking through the cart, another customer walked by and said, “I might just take the whole cart!” Not a bad idea. I eventually settled on the Pelican Imperial Ale and Hop Valley Macho Libre IPA because I haven’t tried either of them before. When I got to the checkout, the bargain got even better than the advertised 50% off. Here’s what I finally paid (before tax):

  • albertsons-bombersPelican Imperial Ale $1.99 (60% discount on regular price!)
  • Hop Valley Macho Libre IPA $2.49 (58% discount on regular price!)

These bargains will not last long because I might just go buy the whole cart!


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