Happy Hour of the Week: Canterbury Ale House

This medieval themed bar in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood
has a great range of rotating beers such as Black Raven’s Trickster IPA (89/100 on BeerAdvocate), Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea Imperial Porter (97/100 on BeerAdvocate), and Double Mountain’s Killer Red (88/100 on BeerAdvocate). Prices are normally $5.50 to $6.50 for a pint, but drop to $3.50 during happy hour (Monday to Friday 2pm-6pm and Sunday to Thursday 10pm-12am). And yeah, it has a medieval theme, but it’s not cheesy like the Excalibur Casino in Vegas. The staff are super friendly and helpful. It’s worth checking out!


Get $2 Cash Back on THIRSTday!

bevRAGE will give you $2 cash back on any draft or bottled beer purchased on Thursdays! This brings the price of a happy hour pint at Canterbury Ale House down to $1.50. Now that’s a Best Beer Bargain! This cash back offer gets refreshed every Thursday! Boom!


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