Hot Deal: Rise of the 28 pack

When it comes to buying bottles or cans of beer from a retail store, it is generally more economical to buy in bulk. Previously, the largest pack for craft beer was the 24 pack (also known as a “case”). It is possible to get 24 packs for around $24, which works out to $1 per beer – the yardstick I use for determining a best beer bargain. If you’re extra lucky, you can find 24 packs for less than $24 (see my post Hot Deal: Mongoose IPA 24 pack for $22.98).

Well now there’s a new kid in town… introducing the 28 pack!!! So far I’ve only seen 28 packs at Costco, but my hope is that other retailers start selling them, because they may be the most economical way to buy bottles of beer (less than a dollar a beer). To make 28 packs even cheaper, you can use the “any 24 pack of beer or larger” offer from bevRAGE to save even more! Check out my post Get paid to drink beer! to learn how to use bevRAGE to get paid to drink beer!

Here are the two 28 packs that I saw today at Costco in Tukwila, Washington:

28 pack - Pyramid.JPG
28 pack of Pyramid Hefeweizen for $25.99 at Costco (93 cents per beer)
28 pack of Samuel Adams Octoberfest for $26.89 at Costco (96 cents per beer)
October 16, 2016 Update: Total Wine & More also has 28 packs of Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

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