bevRAGE deals partially refreshed

bevRAGE just refreshed some of their non-brand specific beer deals on purchases from both stores and bars & restaurants. The store deals include:

  • $1.00 cash back on any 6 pack of beer
  • $1.50 cash back on any 12 pack of beer
  • Unfortunately the cash back on any 24 pack of beer was not refreshed. When I asked bevRAGE what was up they said “we are always adding new offers, so stay tuned!”

These store offers expire on November 30, 2016.

The restaurants & bar deal of $1 cash back on any draft beer was refreshed, but not the $1 cash back on any bottle of beer.

I’ve been trying to understand the frequency with which these deals are refreshed. It appears to be weekly, but this partial refresh is unusual.

Check out these two blog posts to learn more about bevRAGE:

Get paid to drink beer!

bevRAGE update

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