Hot Deal: Half price growlers at Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub

Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub sells half price growlers at their West Seattle location on Mondays and at their Burien and Lake City locations on Tuesdays. I went to Burien today and discovered that half price means $6.25 or $7.25 (excluding tax) depending on which brew you select. I went with Demolition IPA, which was more expensive at $7.25. They have a bunch of beers on tap, but unfortunately don’t list the prices on a menu or on the blackboard. Still, this is a very good deal for a growler of craft beer.

Tap list at Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub in Burien
bevRAGE: Get a Dollar Cash Back on Growlers

Be sure keep your receipt and use the bevRAGE offer of $1 off any draft beer on the above growlers (to bring them down to $5.25 and $6.25 respectively – best beer bargains!). A growler fill may seem like a stretch of the term “draft beer”, but really it’s not, because a “draft beer” is simply beer served from a keg, rather than a bottle or can. I have successfully submitted a growler fill receipt to bevRAGE and have been paid the $1, so it works!

Like Growler Bargains?

Check out my post Hot Deal: Growler bargains for great growler deals from Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Company and Georgetown Brewing Company.

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