How to find untapped beer bargains

In an earlier post called Which bars and restaurants have the best beer bargains? I wrote about how to use the apps TapHunter and DigitalPour to track down beer bargains. Today’s post features a similar app called Untappd

Like TapHunter and DigitalPour, you can use Untappd to find beer menus with prices at untappd-tap-boardvenues that have chosen to use Untappd (see video below). Their slogan is “drink socially”, which alludes to the numerous social networking features of Untappd such as the ability to rate and share what you’re drinking, see what friends are drinking, unlock badges as you try new beers, and check out trending beers.
The tap board lists the beer name, brewery, style, and pricing. You can click on any beer for   even more information such as ABV, ratings, photos, and similar beers. Other features include nearby events, news, and notifications. In fact, the many features of Untappd seem to be increasing its popularity. I know of one local taproom that recently switched from using TapHunter to Untappd. It appears that Untappd is used all over the world and can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and BlackBerry World.


Video: How to use Untappd to find beer bargains!

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