Hot Deal: Half price growlers at Pit Stop Bottle Shop

Just found out that Pit Stop Bottle Shop in Burien, Washington halves the price of their growler fills every Thursday! It seems like Burien (aka B-Town) is the place to go to get a growler bargain, given that Elliott Bay Brewing Company in Burien also offers half price growlers (check out Hot Deal: Half price growlers at Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub). Pit Stop happens to be on TapHunter (check out Which bars and restaurants have the best beer bargains?), so you can choose your favorite beer before you even walk in the door. Their current pricing for 64oz growler fills is either $26.25 or $14.25 depending on the beer. Obviously, me being the bargain hunter that I am, I focussed on the $14.25 beers. Since snow is in the air, I went with Bale Breaker’s High Camp Winter Warmer. Half off $14.25 equals $7.125, which came to $7.38 with tax. Beer bargain!

Get $2 Cash Back on THIRSTday!

bevRAGE will give you $2 cash back on any draft or bottled beer purchased on Thursdays! This brings the price the above growler from Pit Stop down to $5.38. Now that’s a Best Beer Bargain! This cash back offer gets refreshed every Thursday! Woohoo! A growler fill may seem like a stretch of the term “draft beer”, but really it’s not, because a “draft beer” is simply beer served from a keg, rather than a bottle or can. I have successfully submitted a growler fill receipt with a Thursday date to bevRAGE and have been paid the $2, so it works!

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