Happy Hour of the Week: The Ram Restaurant & Brewery

This week I tried the happy hour at The Ram Restaurant & Brewery in Issaquah, Washington. All of their flagship beers are $3.75 for an 18oz pint (normally $5.50). These include:the-ram-beer-menu

  • Washington Blonde
  • Hefeweizen
  • Buttface Amber Ale
  • Total Disorder Porter
  • 71 Pale Ale
  • Big Red’s IPA

They also have seasonal beers at a happy hour price of $4.25 for an 18 oz pint.

The happy hour times for The Ram in Issaquah are 3pm-6pm Monday to Friday. The also have locations in Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington. Beers and hours may vary by location, so checkout their website for info about The Ram closest to you.

Cash Back with bevRAGE

I usually end my Happy Hour of the Week posts with a reminder to use the bevRAGE offer of $2 cash back on any draft or bottled beer purchased on Thursdays, but it was mysteriously unavailable this Thursday (December 29, 2016). I have reached out to my contact at bevRAGE to find out if this “app-y hour special” will be back in 2017. I will let you know as soon as I find out more.

In the meantime, you can still use the $1 cash back on any draft, which is still available via the bevRAGE app.

Plus, you’ll get a bonus $2 when you sign up for bevRAGE with referral code XMVRYNYN and redeem your first cash back offer.


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