Yet another bevRAGE update

So the folks at bevRAGE have updated their store deals for beer again! Earlier this month I posted about the replacement of cash back on “any” beer with deals on certain beer styles. Well, it looks like they’ve transitioned back to discounts on any beer. I prefer this approach because you are not limited by brand or beer style.

yet-another-bevrage-updateThe new store deals are:

  • $1 cash back on any 24 pack (previous deals allowed cash back on any 24 pack or larger… I’m checking with bevRAGE to see if this new deal is limited to just 24 packs). 1/24/17 UPDATE: bevRAGE customer support stated that as long as you purchase the rebate amount or more, the purchase is valid. So you can use the 24 pack rebate for a 28 pack or 30 pack. This is great news given the beer bargain that these larger packs offer (see Hot Deal: Rise of the 28 packHot Deal: Rise of the 28 pack)
  • $1 cash back on any 6 pack
  • $1 cash back on any 6 pack of light beer (personally I’m not a fan of light beer, but I’m sure there are many who will appreciate this deal)

The above deals expire in 10 days.

$2 Bonus!

If you’re not already signed up with bevRAGE, then sign up with referral code XMVRYNYN, redeem your first offer, and you’ll get a bonus $2 automatically credited to your account. So what are you waiting for? Do it… do it now!

Learn More

Check out these two blog posts to learn more about bevRAGE:

Get paid to drink beer!

bevRAGE update

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