Hot Deal: $5.28 for $20 worth of beer at Growler USA

I found a fantastic beer bargain at Growler USA in Redmond, Washington.  Here’s what you gotta do, and do it now because the Groupon sale ends today:

  1. Launch Ebates, search for ‘Groupon‘, then launch Groupon from within the app. Ebates is an app that gives you cash back on purchases. The cash back percentage fluctuates, but at the time of writing this post Ebates was offering 9% off Groupon. Check out my post Ebates gives you rebates to learn more, including how to get a $10 sign up bonus!
  2. Search for ‘Growler USA’ within Groupon. You should find the deal $20 Worth of Beverages and Food for Two or More Customers (for $10). They also offer $40 Worth of Beverages and Food for Four or More Customers (for $19).
  3. Click ‘Buy’, then click ‘Enter Promo/Gift Code’ and type in ‘WINTER20’. This gives you a 20% discount to reduce the price of the Groupon to $8. Hurry though, because this discount code expires Sunday January 29.
  4. Go to Growler USA in Redmond, Washington, and try some of  the 100 craft beers that they have on tap. I recommend going during happy hour, which runs from 3pm to 6pm every day! Pints of these solid local beers were on happy hour prices when I visited:growler-usa-bar
  • $3 for Farmstrong Cold Beer
  • $3 for Mac & Jack’s African Amber (86/100 on BeerAdvocate)
  • $3 for Georgetown Manny’s Pale Ale (88/100 on BeerAdvocate)
  • $3 for Stoup Xtra Pale Ale
  • $5 for Black Raven Trickster IPA (89/100 on BeerAdvocate)
  • $5 for Twelve Bar Brews Extra Special Bitter

I was really impressed with the selection of beers at Growler USA, many of which are considered to be world class. Choosing can be challenging, but they do offer 4oz tasters so you can try a few different beers before committing to a pint. They also serve food and kids are allowed in the restaurant area. Growler USA is a franchise with locations in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

Don’t forget to use a couple of the bevRAGE $1 off deals to save an additional $2.

Plus, you’ll get a bonus $2 when you sign up for bevRAGE with referral code XMVRYNYN and redeem your first cash back offer.

Use all of the offers above and you’ll pay just $5.28 for $20 worth of beer. It breaks down like this:

Groupon                                                                                                        $10

Groupon 20% discount with promo code ‘WINTER20’                      ($2.00)

Ebates 9% cash back                                                                                ($0.72)

bevRAGE $1 cash back, can be used twice in a 24-hour period ($2.00)

Total after discounts and cash back                                                $5.28

If you were to drink just the $3 happy hour beers, you’d get 6 for $5.28, which is just 88 cents per pint! That’s a best beer bargain!


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