Hot Deal: Washington Beer Lovers membership

If you’ve been to breweries in Washington State, then you’ve probably encountered other customers that collect stamps in a passport. Ever wondered what the passport is, how much is costs, and if it’s worth it? Keep reading to find out…

The passport is from Washington Beer Lovers (WABL), and while it probably won’t get you across the border, it could get you some great beer swag and discounts. WABL describes themselves as the “official Washington Beer Fan Club”. Their mission is to build a community of local craft beer enthusiasts in Washington State. The WABL membership fee is $30 a year and you receive the following:

Front of the WABL t-shirt, the back lists the Washington breweries that you can visit to collect passport stamps
  • A WABL t-shirt that lists all of the Washington breweries
  • A WABL passport to collect stamps/stickers from the breweries visited
  • Great prizes for collecting 20 stamps and 50 stamps in your passport. This year you will recieve a WABL insulated pint glass and bottle opener! (see pictures below)
  • Special benefits at Washington Beer Commission festivals which may include a special WABL beer that is served only to members, extra tasting tokens, a special WABL glass, or WABL-only member lounges
  • A monthly newsletter with event information, WA beer news, upcoming beer releases, and WABL discounts
  • A Free annual subscription to Sip Northwest Magazine
This year’s prizes for collecting 20 stamps:

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So is the $30 membership worth it? The short answer is yes. Here’s the long answer is that it really depends on how much you use the membership, in terms of how many breweries you visit and how many beer festivals you attend. The total value breaks down like this:
  • WABL t-shirt (value estimated by Best Beer Bargains)                                                        $15
  • Subscription to Sip Northwest Magazine                                                                                  $19

Base value assuming you don’t get either prize or attend any beer festivals                   $34

Value if you earn the 20 stamp prize                                                                                             $48

  • 50 stamp prize (visit 50 breweries and get your passport stamped at each one)
    • free WABL membership for the following year                                                           $30
Value if you earn the 50 stamp prize                                                                                              $78
  • Benefits at Washington Beer Commission festivals
    • Washington Brewers Festival June 16-18, 2017 at Marymoor Park (Redmond)
      • Two additional tasting tokens (valued at $2 each, redeem for a 4oz pour) $4
      • Special WABL tasting glass (value based on 4oz glass on Amazon)              $3
    • Bremerton Summer Brewfest July 14-15, 2017 at Bremerton Boardwalk
      • Two additional tasting tokens (valued at $2 each, redeem for a 5oz pour) $4
    • Washington Beer Collaboration Festival August 19, 2017 at South Lake Union Discovery Center Lawn
      • Two additional tasting tokens (valued at $2 each, redeem for a 4oz pour) $4
    • Inland NW Craft Beer Festival September 22-23, 2017 at Avista Stadium (Spokane)
      • Two additional tasting tokens (valued at $2 each, redeem for a 4oz pour) $4
    • South Sound Craft Beer Festival November 4, 2017 at Tacoma Dome
      • Two additional tasting tokens (valued at $2 each, redeem for a 5oz pour) $4

Value if you earn the 50 stamp prize and attend all festivals                                               $101

The bottomline is, if you like going to breweries and beer festivals, then the WABL membership is definitely worth the $30.

The breweries that you can visit to get a stamp in your passport are listed on the WABL website. You can also get a stamp at these locations:


Beveridge Place Pub – Seattle

Brave Horse Tavern – Seattle

Brouwers Café – Seattle

Café Veloce – Kirkland

CB’s Nuts – Kingston

Coopers Alehouse – Seattle

Fiddlers Inn – Seattle

Flatstick Pub – Seattle

Flatstick Pub – Kirkland

Full Throttle Bottles – Seattle

Hopvine Pub – Seattle

Imbibe Bottle House & Taproom – Maple Valley

Josh’s Taps and Caps Taproom – Snohomish  

Latona Pub – Seattle

Local Boys Tap Room – Gig Harbor

Peaks and Pints – Tacoma  

The Beer Authority – Seattle

The Beer Junction – Seattle

The BrewMasters Taproom – Renton

The Pine Box – Seattle

Thirsty Hop – Kirkland

Watershed Pub & Kitchen – Seattle

Wig Wam Pub – Bremerton 

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