How to use Hotspot to get free and discounted beer

APRIL 2017 UPDATE: It appears that Hotspot has gone out of business. There is no recent activity on their Facebook page, the app no longer works, and their website has disappeared. Well, it was good while it lasted.


If you don’t already have Hotspot: Happy Hour On Demand installed on your phone, you need to get it right now because it is phenomenal. You can even get a free drink! Follow these instructions now:

Sign Up 

  1. Download Hotspot: Happy Hour On Demand from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Register with Facebook or email
  3. Enter your info and promo code paulr7025 (don’t forget to add this promo code because it will give you a free drink!)

Add Payment Details

  1.  Tap PAYMENT and enter you credit card number and expiry date. This allows you to pay Hotspot, who then pays the bar, restaurant, or brewery

Find a Bargain

  1. Tap HOME and scroll through the nearby deals until you find one you want. Free drinks will be highlighted in green if you entered promo code paulr7025 when you signed up. If you forgot to enter the promo code, go to SETTING, tap Promo, and enter paulr7025
  2. Tap the deal you want


  1. Tap USE FREE DRINK HERE (for a free drink) or CHECK IN AND GET VOUCHER (for a discounted drink)
  3. Show the voucher on your phone to your server. IMPORTANT: do not tap the voucher yourself, your server must do this.
  4. Server will confirm the purchase and give you your beer!

Video: How to use Hotspot to get free and discounted beer

This video shows how to download, setup, and use Hotspot. I demonstrate how to use it at West Seattle Brewing Company where I buy a 64oz pitcher of IPA for just $8 (normally $14). This pitcher is equivalent to four 16oz pints, so you’re basically paying $2 per pint. Best beer bargain!

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